Benefits of Herbs for Horses

Herbal benefits no longer lies in the realm of last resort modalities, but has surged to the forefront as a preferred approach to dis-eased conditions in the body.
Specific herbs are used to normalize the energetic of physiologic function. Not unlike certain chemical pharmaceuticals are compounded for specific conditions, so herbal compounding is specific for various disorders. The difference however is, in proper formulation, there are little to no side effects.
Proper formulation can be directed to the cause of a given condition rather than the symptomatic effect.
Years of herbal success has been categorized as “empirical” due to the absence of controlled studies.
Although symptomatic expression can be controlled in scientific studies, the reality of physiologic expression is not a controllable entity. Variable conditions in each individual body which include genetic predispositions, integrity of the immune system and its ability to respond to pathogenic, environmental and stress influences are among the many considerations the expert herbologist must address.

A major consideration of herbal selection and formulation is dependent upon the quality of the herbs.
Noah’s Arc has a compounder who personally travels to Taiwan to select the herbs used in our formulations.
To see the name of a given herb on a label does not insure its efficacy. Just as you know, to identify a bale of hay as alfalfa, timothy, or clover does not guarantee its quality, so it is with herbs.
Therein lies the reason our compounder selects only the highest quality human grade herbs for our formulations instead of using less pure herbs which are classified as commercial and animal grade.

In addition to selecting quality ingredients, it is equally essential to know exactly what to do with them to meet specific needs.
This is the responsibility of our Internationally recognized formulator, Dr. Marie Cain-Maelfait.
Her job, not unlike the exclusive chef, is to select and prepare the proper ingredients to fulfill the specific needs based upon the “empirical” success of thousands of years.

Alternative Therapy?
We don’t think so.
Logic would suggest the chemical therapies of “modern conventional medicine” which list as many contraindications and possible side effects as indications may be considered the alternative.

It is suggested that reference to Cain’s manual of Acupuncture Diagnosis and Treatment of the Equine be consulted for accurate diagnosis of conditions to be treated.
Manual is available through Noah’s Arc.